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Moving Through The Chill

January 05, 2021


Anyone who lives in the Northeast knows how cold it can get in the winter time. Not only is cold weather fairly unpleasant to exercise in, it can also be somewhat unsafe. The last thing you want to do is slip on the ice. Winter exercise is more than feasible, but it might require a bit more self-encouragement and preparation. Exercising and being cold don’t always mix well, so you might appreciate the following, and be sure to add your suggestions in the comments.

  • Indoor gym membership: This is almost a necessity. If you can find a gym that also has an indoor lap pool, as well, as a track then you’ll be set. The more options you can give yourself, the better off you’ll be.
  • Wii: This might be unorthodox, but using your Wii’s indoor exercise games and even some of the Wii Dance games can be super helpful, and fun! Your kids will enjoy joining you.
  • Skiing: Cross country might be more feasible than downhill, but both are great options and provide an awesome workout. You might also enjoy snowshoeing!
  • Hiking: This will require the right clothing, but hiking is awesome, because eventually you’ll produce enough body heat to shed a few layers.
  • Wear a Hat and Deal with the Cold: Some people really enjoy the outdoors and can’t stand exercising indoors. If this applies to you, then bundle up and embrace the winter wonderland. We suggest ensuring that your shoes have good traction to avoid any painful slipping.

Happy exercising! Sometimes it can be hard to adjust to the changing weather, but remember, the goal is to just move. Get the blood flowing! With winter comes a lot of extra clothes and laundry, so sign up with Wash Hampton to maximize one of the most wonderful times of year!

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