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Your Holiday Detox

December 01, 2021


Who doesn’t love the Holidays? All the festive music, the delicious food, family and friends coming together, celebrations of faith and love, and even some really great gift giving. This time of year is something we all look forward to, but sometimes we forget what an emotional toll it can have on us. For one, the coming and going of so many loved one’s can be challenging, not to mention the time it takes for all the preparation. You might be feeling a bit of a financial sting, no matter how well you budgeted. Regardless, as you pull down that last garland and tuck away the mistletoe for next year, the new year is beginning. You don’t want to go into 2022 stressed out and frazzled. Below we’ve come up with the 3 things you MUST DO to ensure a happy end to 2021 and strong start to 2022.

Reflect: Sit back in your favorite recliner and laugh about the family antics from Christmas dinner, or the promotion you got back in June. Maybe your granddaughter was born this year, or you lost a loved one. What did 2021 mean for you? Are you proud of your 2021? What does 2022 hold?

Detox and Clean: After one too many chocolate Santa's or Pumpkin Spice Lattes, your body might be ready for some clean eating. Try eating vegetables and unprocessed food for a few days. Avoid bread and alcohol, opt for water and tea instead of coffee. Your house could probably use a deep cleaning too. Go through your gifts, return what you don’t want and donate what you don’t need. You might have extra laundry compared to the rest of the year thanks to holiday guests. Sign up with us, and we’ll help take the extra load off your plate!

Prepare: Start 2022 out right, plan and prepare. Be ready. Take this as an opportunity to splurge on a new planner and wall calendar. Ask your family about upcoming events and jot down commitments. You’ll be so grateful you did this now, before the ball drops!

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