Buying Time, Wash Hampton Laundry Pickup & Delivery!

August 14, 2021

Pickup And Delivery Laundry Bags Min

Do you find yourself pressed for time, surrounded by piles of laundry, lawns to cut, kids to get to school, dogs to groom and dinner to cook? You aren’t alone. Most East Coasters probably relate to feeling like they have more to do than they have time for in a day. This stressful feeling doesn’t exactly lend itself to finding happiness, nor does stressing out lead to more time, but luckily, your situation isn’t hopeless. In fact, we have a solution.

With Wash Hampton, you will find yourself with something more than just folded laundry, you will find yourself with extra time. Studies show that extra time can actually increase levels of happiness. An article from Science Daily mentions, “The study, led by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School, suggests that using money to buy free time — such as paying to delegate household chores like cleaning and cooking–is linked to greater life satisfaction.” The article goes on to discuss that while someone might feel as chore outsourcing could be a form of laziness, they suggest thinking of it as “buying [your] way out of unpleasant experiences.”

The funny thing is, even though it is shown that outsourcing chores or undesired tasks can increase time and happiness, many consumers chose not to invest in saving time, but rather continue to buy material products.

Additionally, the article shows “the benefits of buying time aren’t just for wealthy people.” While spending extra money to have someone else do your laundry might seem like an extravagance, it’s really not. You’re simply allowing yourself to be less stressed. You’re allowing for more time to exercise, to spend time with your kids, to walk your dog, to cook dinner, to help the kids with homework. Who sits back in their rocking chair at age 85 reflecting back on all the laundry they folded? If you’re already going to pay for a washing machine, a dryer, detergent every month, maintenance on the machines, electricity, water, and anything else that comes up, why not just pay to have your laundry done for you? That would mean no more sorting, stain treating, label reading, worrying about garment damage, waiting for the machine to be finished, folding, sorting socks…you get it!

Imagine with us a world where you wake up on clean sheets, put on clothes folded just the way you like them, and dry your hair with fresh towels. In this world, you didn’t have to do any of that laundry. Everything was done as you requested, picked up and delivered from your doorstep. While your laundry was being washed by specialists, you hosted a luncheon for your dearest friends, maybe you had a beach day with your cute cocker spaniel, next, you took your granddaughter to her wedding dress fitting, for dinner, you made your mother’s ratatouille recipe, and before you went to sleep, you finally got past page 45 of that Daphne Du Maurier novel you started last summer.

At Wash Hampton, we care about you. We know you have a life to live and we want you to look good and feel good while living it. We want to allow you to have extra time for the things that matter. We want you to be happy and stress free. Life is beautiful, especially when you have one less chore to do.

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