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The Perfect Bed

July 27, 2021


Whether you’ve just spent the day on Cooper’s Beach or touring the Montauk Point Lighthouse or maybe even petting penguins at the Long Island Aquarium, you’re going to appreciate a perfectly made bed. There’s no reason why your bed can’t be as casually luxurious as The Baker House 1650 Bed and Breakfast ! Your bed should be warm and inviting, allowing for the best sleep of your life, every night. It’s all about linens and layers. Below we’ll break down the anatomy of the perfect bed so that you can also live the dreamy, yet elegant, life that the Hampton’s offers.

Colors and patterns

Many houses in the Hampton’s tend to have a gentle color palette, ranging from ivories and creams to light blues and grays. These calming, natural shades reflect the beachy scenery surrounding the area and project tranquility and sophistication. Within these colors, there is an abundance of patterns and materials to take advantage of. When selecting what goes on your bed, it is best to keep in mind what will feel best on your skin.

It’s all about the mattress

Only you can know which mattress is perfect for you. Whether you like yours firm or soft, you may also elect to use a mattress pad or other type of topper, maybe memory foam or the traditional feather bed. Again, these are completely dependent upon your own personal preference.

Use three sheets

This might seem unconventional, but think back to your most enjoyable hotel stay. Most likely, there was a fitted sheet on the mattress, and then the typical flat sheet on top of that. Chances are, there was also a third flat sheet that was on top of the fitted sheet, allowing for additional softness for your skin. Washing and folding sheets is probably one of your least favorite things to do, especially when you’d like to be relaxing at your oceanside retreat. Luckily, Wash Hampton Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service is fully equipped to ensure that all of your bulky linens are cared for so that you can live in peaceful luxury.

Quality is key

Blogger Princess Pinky Girl emphasizes the importance of quality sheets. The higher the thread count, the more comfortable you’ll be. For a queen sized bed, high quality sheets can be somewhat expensive, but they are definitely worth it. At Pottery Barn, regularly priced sheet sets can range from $60-$100 or more. If you’re interested in getting the same quality at a lower price, stores like TJ Maxx are fantastic resources.

The cozy factor

Next, you’re going to need a comforter. The nice thing about comforters is that you can pick the right warmth level for your personal preference. Top off your comforter with a pretty patterned duvet cover.

Pillows upon pillows

There isn’t anything better than leaning back on a cloud full of pillows after a long day. Opal Design Group offers some great guidance for arranging the various shams and decorative pillows you might want to put on your bed. As a good rule of thumb, the biggest pillows should always go in the back, featuring the smaller, often more decorative pillows front and center.

While we can’t help you make the perfect hospital corners or stuff your duvet covers, we can make sure that all your laundry needs are taken care of so that you can have the sleep and relaxation you deserve.

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