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Spring Is Here!

March 10, 2021


Spring has basically sprung and is there really a perfect time of year to freshen up your house? All the lovely bulbs are blooming, the air smells fresh, and besides the occasional rain shower, going outside is finally a lovely activity. When we think of spring, we think of details, not things like meticulous accounting details, but more the “extras,” the accessories, the nice touches that really put the icing on the cake. We’ve come up with some “extras” for each of the five senses. What else would you add?

    • Sight: Clean! Make sure your house is clean. This is a great time to de-clutter your closets and throw away broken or damaged belongings. It’s also a great time to have all your winter coats dry cleaned and all your winter bedding cared for.
    • Sound: Cue that music! Get yourself in the mood – listen to an upbeat playlist or your favorite artist. James Taylor or your favorite Broadway hits might be a great place to start!
    • Smell: All about those scents! Your house will begin to smell fresher as you clean and have your laundry done, not to mention, now that it’s warm enough, you can probably fling those windows wide open! Besides the naturally pleasant smells that will waft their way into your home, you might consider using some natural beeswax candles or essential oils, especially lavender!
    • Touch: No more flannel blankets! As the summer months approach, it will be far too warm to leave all the flannel sheets on. Go ahead and send those off to your favorite laundry company and swap them out for some lighter cotton sheets.
    • Taste: What would life be without food? Fire up the barbeque pit, or start mixing up your favorite lemonade recipe. Another favorite is frozen fruit pops or a creamy sorbet.

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