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Summer Vacation Prep

March 28, 2021


Summer Vacation. Are there two more glorious words out there? What’s better than not having than three months of not having to pack lunches, clean uniforms, monitor homework, or worry about taxiing your kids to the next event? The summertime is lovely. Finally, the weather is warm enough to keep everyone healthy, the food is tasty, and if your kids get restless, you can just send them outside for an hour or so.

Regardless of the lemonade, free-time, pool parties and all-you-can-eat barbeques, summer has the ability to drive any parent crazy. All that free time can get the best of even the most well-intentioned family. Below, we’ve come up with some ideas to help keep your family functioning as a unit. Let Summer 2021 be the best one yet!!

  • Plan an Actual Vacation: You’ll probably spend the majority of your summer taking care of things around the house, but planning to go out of town is often the only way for families to devote their undivided attention on one another. Whether you’re heading to your favorite campsite, Grandma’s house, the beaches of Hawaii, or Paris, you’ll be excited to not have to worry about real life for a few days.
  • Keep Using a Calendar: Time is short, but the activities and responsibilities still run high. Having a calendar or schedule on your fridge or mud-room wall will help keep everyone on the same page. Bonus Tip: have each family member use a different colored pen or marker.
  • Remember to Relax: Let yourself and your family sleep in, spend time outside, go swimming, or just enjoy the warm weather. The summer months are the perfect time to take a moment and catch up on all the things that make us successful, most importantly, sleep.
  • Keep Everything in Order: Whether you’re on the go, or taking the time to relax, it’s a great idea to keep your house orderly and clean. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a more chaotic situation when it’s time to send everyone back to school. Now is the perfect time to outsource more chores so that you can also take a break, don’t forget – it’s not just about the kids! Outsource your meal prep, laundry, and other house care, and you’ll be in for a treat!
  • Take Pictures: Summer is usually when everyone is the most well-rested and relaxed. Be sure to snap a few candids! You’ll love those messy Popsicle and backyard barbeque photos for years to come.

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